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2023 – Das andere Kind

tv movie, ZDF

Suki Maria Roessel (D)

Philipp Timme (DoP)

2022 – DATEV

comedy/ commercial, viral spot

Daniel Vogelmann (D)

2022 – Familie Anders

comedy, family,

tv movie, pilot, part 1 & 2

Sophie Averkamp (D)

2022 – Clashing Differences

tv show, pilot

Merle Grimme (D)

2021 – Thor

comedy/commercial, viral spot

Markus Strobel (D)

2021 – Fishing Avocados

comedy, a series pilot

Julia Müller (D)

Maxine Rödiger (D)

2021 – Munich 72

docu, drama, intern.

Roman Shumunov  (D)


2022 – Die Mittagsfrau

feature film

Barbara Albert (D)

Josef Sanktjohanser (PD)

2021 – Gefesselt

true crime, amazon prime, series

Florian Schwarz (D)

Hannes Salat (PD)


2020 – Breisgau

crime/ tv/ zdf

Thomas Jauch (D)

Oliver Hoese (PD)

2020 – Für immer Eltern

comedy, family/ tv/ zdf

Florian Schwarz (D)

Gabi Pohl (PD)

2019 – Das Leben ist kein Kindergarten

comedy, family/ tv/ ard, degeto

Katja Benrath (D)

Debora Reischmann (PD)

2019 – Kinder und andere Baustellen

comedy/ tv/ zdf

Christina Schiewe (D)

Thorwald Kiefel (PD)

2018 – Das Tal der Mörder

drama/ tv/ orf, zdf

Peter Keglevic (D)

Oliver Hoese (PD)

2016 - 2018 // MASTER OF ARTS

Interior Architecture 

Rosenheim Technical University 
of Applied Sciences

2010 - 2014 // BACHELOR OF ARTS

Interior Architecture 

Rosenheim Technical University 
of Applied Science

Since 2009, my heart is beating for staging spaces.

The interplay of time and character, with a passion for conception.

During my studies of interior design, I became early engaged with the field of tension between design, 

atmosphere, light, and emotion. 

So I am driven by making the context of the story as authentic and emotional as possible.

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